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I recommend smaller more frequent meals. They feel more satisfied but aren't getting more food. We also have the Feliway collar. It has pheromones to make your cat calmer, and it has helped my cat get a lot more mellow.

My cat would really get edgy around meal time. Lashing out at you and being naughty to the point of no return.

My theory was as follows:

  1. He was a stray that had a rough start. I think once he learned that he was living in a safe place with a secure and consistent food source
  2. He was a young cat/kitten when I got him at about 3 months old. His feeding behavior improved slowly over time and finally "resolved" at about 12-15 months.
  3. Auto feeder saved my life.

I got an auto feeder that rotates so you can put wet food in it, not just dry food and he immediately cut back on meowing at me every time I got near the kitchen or meowing at my bedroom door for food during the night. I recently read that cats are automatically on defense when they're eating, so it's best if they can face the room instead of the wall. This is how I set up the auto feeder and it seems to have improved the situation as well. We place the feeder near a corner, a few feet out from the wall so they can eat with their back to the wall and can see anyone approaching.

If they feel safer, they might not be as nervous during and after feedings.

Now it is time for a cookie!