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The Golden Liquid acrylics are nice, and they have a small swatch on them showing the actual paint across a few bars of black so you can imagine the opacity of the particular paint. I use a wet palette when working with acrylics. Sometimes even a paint retarder, that slows down the speed at which they dry.

Golden really does dry really fast when applied in thin layers, but I've not had any problems covering even blacks up if you keep these high-pigment colors less thinned. For black, I mix my own, usually from ultramarine or pthalo blue and burnt umber. it gives the painting more life than a flat black from a tube. I don't by every color from Golden. For ochres, burnt umber and all of my whites I usually but Utrecht brand.

If you use a retarder the paint will dry a bit slower, which is essential if you plan to gradient or fade any of your colors; otherwise, you will have similar to posterized color changes. I do the same with the custom black, and I water them down.

One of the best things I learned for using acrylics is rubbing alcohol. It kind of melts or breaks down the paint and is great for keeping your brushes in tip top shape, as well as correcting mistakes that have recently dried.

Well the instructors always tell me, before you run off following "advice" make sure the person that told you knows what they are talking about. Give the last one a try, it will either work, or it won't.

Also I have realized that if you already have experience with oils, acrylics should be easy to grasp.

Now it is time for a cookie!